1:1 Classroom

Teaching in a 1:1 school environment presents challenges but also many opportunities. Find tips, resources, ideas, and strategies for teaching in a 1:1 classroom.

Valuable Tips After a Year in a 1:1 Classroom

Since I received my own Chromebook Cart, I’m now looking back and reflecting on what I’ve learned about teaching in a 1:1 classroom.  There are so many aspects that no one ever tells you about,…

3 Effective Ways to Teach Geometry Vocabulary

See how I teach the geometry vocabulary through hands-on manipulatives, kinesthetic moves and technology use. Do you remember sitting in your high school geometry class looking through your notes and textbook trying to remember which…

Technology, For Sure! But Don’t Forget Old Fashion Creativity!

My class just recently finished with our Solar System Unit.  In my district, which is in California, we are still operating under the old California Science Standards and still using a very outdated textbook.  Nevertheless,…

Stop! Insert Image? NO way! Use Google Draw!

You’re probably asking why should I use or even teach my students to use Google Draw?  How many times have you assigned some kind of research for your students to do and when you get…

3 Ways to Incorporate Google Slides in a Book Club

Google Slides continues to be my “go to” app when designing assignments for my students.  I currently have a group of students who are reading The Tale of Despereaux in a book club.  As we…

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