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A Creative Way to Show Central Message

If you have read my previous posts on teaching central message, you know that I have been using folktales to teach central message (CCSS RL.3.2).  One of the folktales I used was Coyote by Gerald McDermott.  As a culminating activity, I had the students make tri-ramas.  On the inside of the tri-rama the students illustrated the setting and added the main characters.  Then I gave each student an index card to write the what they believed to be the central message (or lesson to be learned) from reading Coyote.  They also were to supply evidence from the story to back up their claim.  Here’s an example:

Student made tri-rama showing setting and characters.

On an index card, the central message citing evidence.

I’ve also just finished a Central Message product.  Originally, the prototype was very plain but did get the job done.  Students were able to match up a folktale or fable with its central message and the evidence for it.  I used a puzzle piece metaphor to show how the it all went together.  The newly finished product has a sparkly design and more bold colors.  See the examples below that is currently displayed in my room:


If you would like to download and see the sample, CLICK HERE.  Don’t forget, Teacher’s Pay Teachers Heroes Sale begins Wednesday, February 26, 2015.  Use promo code HEROES to get an additional discount!

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