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Getting Smart with the Distributive Property Ninja Style

Soon my students will be taking the Math portion of the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) in May.  So I thought we should revisit the Distributive Property of Multiplication (DPM) since it’s been awhile since we had studied it.  So I came up with this center to practice the DPM in a fun way…Ninja style!  It’s called the Distributive Property of Multiplication Ninja Center and can be found here.

I created 20 game mats.  Each mat shows an array that is being split into 2 smaller arrays.  Students have to find 2 multiplication sentences to match the smaller arrays.  Then they need to match a distributive property sentence that combines both those multiplication facts.  Students record their answer on an answer sheet, then later check with the answer key.  The mats were tested with third grades and my fifth grade son.  They were able to follow the directions and complete the activity on the mats.

What’s included:

  • There are 4 mats each for x5, x6, x7, x8 and x9 (20 mats total).  The mats look great in color, but I also created black and white/grayscale versions of the mats for the ink-conscious.   
  • Multiplication Cards, Distributive Property Sentences
  • Center labels to make it easier to store and save. 
  • Student Instruction Card
  • Answer Key
  • Recording Sheet
  • Writing Exercise
  • Distributive Property of Multiplication Poster 

When a student has practice with all 5 sets, there is a writing exercise for the student to explain what he/she knows about the DPM and give examples.

Kids love the ninja theme!  I’m currently creating another Ninja themed Distributive Property of Multiplication resource that will combine 3 games in 1. Stay tune for that!

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