1 No Nonsense BUT Fun Way to Learn the Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Practice Cards

Have any students who are STILL stuck on their 2s and 3s? or 4s?  And they’re not making any progress in learning the multiplication facts and memorizing them?  Join the club!

I started teaching multiplication way back in late September.  I gave my yearly speech about how important multiplication is for third graders.  Without it, you can’t do any higher level math.  You wouldn’t be able to divide or do algebra!  I emphasized HOW important multiplication is to the parents during Back to School Night and reminded them that part of DAILY homework would be to study the facts. And so I had a plan.

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I gave each student a weekly Multiplication Tic-Tac-Toe Homework Activity Chart so they could prove that they were studying.  To provide accountability and to motivate them to study, I did daily T-Tests (which is a one minute differentiated multiplication assessment).  I gave each student a chart and showed them strategies and tips to learn the multiplication tables.  I put posters up in my room to remind the students, as well. If you would like to see a SAMPLER of the posters, click HERE.

Slowly the students learned the multiplication facts and were making progress.  Some pulled away from the pack and made it to the 12s with little effort.  Then after about 3 months of daily multiplication facts homework, almost daily T-Tests, I still had about 5 students stuck on the 2s, 3s and 4s.  What could I do to help them?Why were they not progressing?  Were they not studying?  Were they freezing up during the T-Test? Did they just not think it was important?  The reason didn’t matter, they were behind and I needed to get them going again.

I let them study and practice on the iPads or Chromebooks daily so they could get going and advance.  Though there are some good apps for both, I couldn’t allow the iPads or the Chromebooks go home with the student for practice.  Typing on a keyboard just wasn’t cutting it.  So then I came up with this idea:  Multiplication Practice Tablet Cards!

Multiplication Practice Cards

I used a tablet template and made 5 cards for each multiplication table 2 – 12.  There are 55 cards in all.  I printed them out, trimmed them, folded them and then laminated and trimmed them.  I stored each set of 5 cards in a baggie with a dry erase marker and a piece of felt as an eraser.  The whole process took about 2 hours, but it was worth it!  I now a fun and colorful way for those students who were significantly behind to practice their multiplication facts!

Multiplication Practice Cards

I have the students take a baggie and practice in class.  I’ve also sent the baggie home for practice as well.  Since doing that, those students are progressing!  They are now unstuck and making their way to the 12s.  I knew that some of these students really weren’t studying at home for whatever reason.  But these cards have made it fun for them and I’m seeing progress.  I wished I had made these earlier!  Then when I saw that a particular student was stuck or not studying I could have made them practice with the cards.  At least now for next year, I will be totally prepared to make sure my students learn and memorize those multiplication facts.

Multiplication Practice Cards

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