Celebrating My First Milestone: Quick! Download a Flash Freebie!

Thank you ALL for your Support!

(Just and update:  The FLASH FREEBIE has now ended.)

During my first few months, I worked day and night to produce resources for my store.  I was able to get to about 20 items in my store by the third month.  Looking back, I can see I’ve come a long, long way!  Comparing the first FREE product then to what it looks like now you can see that I learned a few things along the way.

How did I learn it all?  The Teachers Pay Teachers community is a special one.  There are so many people to thank that I feel I would leave someone out if I tried to thank each one by name.  The learning curve for selling on Teachers Pay Teachers is steep!  But I’ve learned so many aspects to having a successful store:  from product creation to marketing to copyright to trademark to networking.  I want to thank the ENTIRE TpT community of sellers for their support and encouragement.  But I want to especially thank my friend and colleague from Teaching From My Heart.  She’s the one who got me started on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Growth and Change of Focus

As part of that journey on TpT, I created this blog to share ideas, tips and resources for the Common Core classroom.  I also wanted to show how I use my own products in my own classroom.  At the beginning, I created printable resources such as, Companion Packs, Centers, PowerPoints and games.  Now that I am in a 1:1 Chrome Book classroom, I am mostly creating resources to work on Google Slides and other Google Apps.  

I want you to be assured that I’m not just jumping on the technology flash in the pan bandwagon and creating resources for the latest trend!  I’ve tested these resources with my class.  I know they work as designed.  1:1 is not going away in my district.  So, whom better to create resources for a 1:1 classroom than actual classroom teachers who are using the technology in amazing ways! I’m very proud and excited by this newest resource for Google Slides:  American Revolution Interactive Digital Notebook.  

Go to my store and see it in person.  There’s a FULL PRODUCT preview so you can see what each of the 24 slides includes.  In the pipeline and coming soon within the next 3 months:

  • Solar System Interactive Digital Notebook
  • American Symbols Interactive Digital Notebook
  • American Landmarks Google Maps Tour with Interactive Digital Notebook
  • US Civil War Interactive Digital Notebook
  • Women’s Suffrage Interactive Digital Notebook
  • US Civil and Human Rights Movement Interactive Digital Notebook

I used each and every one of the above mentioned Interactive Digital Notebooks with my third graders!  I will be putting them in my store within the next three months.  Check my store often to see what’s been added!

Companion Packs

If you’re not ready to make the jump to Google Slides, no worries.  I soon plan to add more Gerald McDermott Companion Packs for the following stories:

  • Papagayo
  • Zomo the Rabbit
  • Monkey:  A Trickster Tale from India
  • Jabuti the Tortoise:  A Trickster Tale from the Amazon
  • Pig-Boy:  A Trickster Tale from Hawai’i

Gerald McDermott is one of my favorite authors to use.  Check out the Gerald McDermott Companion Packs currently in my store:

  • Coyote
  • Raven
  • Arrow to the Sun

In fact, here’s a Companion Pack for A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech, that is just perfect for the start of school:

This is such a wonderful and funny store to start the school year with.  There are 7 Common Core State Standards addressed in the packet.  There’s also a Grade 2 version as well.

This next resource I use with my class during the first 2 weeks of school when they are learning the rules, making new friends, remembering the schedule, etc.  Sometimes we load them with so much information at the beginning that they just tune out.  So I created this resource that is like a diary, but serves as a handy resource during the year when students forget important information.  They can just refer to this book when they have questions.  There are also pages that make great class discussion starters (My BEST Memory About School) or for sharing so the students can get to know each other better (Things I’m Good At).  I’ve revised it continually and it contains 19 pages plus a cover (20 total).  It can be copied as a booklet or as a full page book.

There’s even a page for the parents to fill out if they have any questions or want to share something about their child.  I’ve also put them out at Back to School Night to show the parents as well.  


Finally, I want to offer you more tips and resources for your classroom.  So let’s connect!

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