Resolutions with Willpower for an Outstanding 2017

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Happy New Year!  2016 has been a real doozy of a year for just about everyone on the planet.  With the start of a new year, it’s time for that age old tradition of making New Year’s resolutions.  But wait.  Didn’t I do that last year?  Yes, I did!  These were last year’s resolutions:

  • use technology strategically
  • plan monthly with weekly tweaks
  • clear out the clutter

So, how did I do?  Pretty well, actually!  My students did very well on the SBAC this past year and I think part of that success was using the Chromebooks in my 1:1 classroom. Planning monthly has now become a habit.  I fill out the online plan book for my team and then we meet weekly to tweak it and make adjustments.  Before school started again this past August, I cleared out the immediate clutter from my classroom.  So, if you’re keeping score that’s 3 out of 3!

Now it’s time to make this year’s resolutions.  This year, however, I’m adding more areas of my life than just teaching this year.  I’m making three resolutions for my personal life, my teaching life, and my Teachers Pay Teachers life.

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Let’s start with the personal life resolutions

  • exercise more
  • lose weight
  • organize my home office

I haven’t really been taking care of myself as I should so losing weight this year is a priority.  I made an appointment with my doctor for late March for my yearly checkup, so that is an incentive to go to that appointment lighter so my doctor doesn’t give me that look…you know the one in which he’s about to tell you all the dangers of being overweight.  A colleague and I are going to start walking every day at lunch (weather permitting).  I’m also going to start wearing my pedometer again to remind me to keep moving.

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The final personal life resolution is to keep my home office organized.  It’s one of those rooms that you can just close the door and forget about, but it bugs me that it is so not organized and clean – or that it doesn’t stay that way once I’ve organized and cleaned it.  Before I return back from Winter Break, my office is going to get cleaned and organized…and stay that way in 2017!

Now, here are the teaching life resolutions.

  • grade! grade! grade!
  • clean out the closets
  • take more brain breaks

Do you as a teacher sometimes feel that you’re really a bookkeeper?  I do.  One of the teaching chores I really don’t like to do is grade.  The tests and quizzes and assignments just sit there waiting to be graded.  I don’t need a test to tell me how my students did, I already know.  But, we do have to do our teacher duty and grade those tests for report cards.  In 2017, I resolve to grade any test within two days of giving it.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  There’s a pile of tests right now waiting to be graded before 2017 gets here!

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Though this past summer, I de-cluttered my classroom of some furniture and some old teaching materials, I never really went through all my closets.  But this year I resolve to tackle one closet each month until the end of school.  I plan on retiring within the next five years so that is an incentive to start getting rid of materials I haven’t used in a long time.

Another resolution for my teaching life is to have the students take more brain breaks.  At the beginning of the year, I was good at stopping the teaching to get those students moving again with brain breaks.  Not sure what happened, but they’re coming back in 2017!

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Finally, here are my Teachers Pay Teachers resolutions.

  • add new resources
  • update existing resources
  • convert existing resources to Google Slides

I’m always adding new resources to my store as I find I need new resources for my students.  I have resources that I do use with my students, but never really had the time to put them in my store.  For 2017, you can look forward to seeing these resources added to my store:

  • Fractions Animated PowerPoint
  • California Spanish Missions Interactive Digital Notebook
  • Fight For Civil and Equal Rights Interactive Digital Notebook
  • Geometry Interactive Digital Notebook

As well as adding new resources, I plan on updating existing resources with new borders, clip art, and content.  If you didn’t know already, every time a seller updates a product that you have purchased you are entitled to the update for free!  Just go back to your purchases tab on Teachers Pay Teachers site and if you see a flag next to one of your purchases, click on it to see what has been revised.  Sometimes it is just correcting a typo, but sometimes it can be a huge revision and makeover!

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Click HERE to go to my store to see the newest arrivals!

One other area that I resolved to accomplish in 2017 is to convert some of my existing resources from PDF files to Google Slide files.  Since I’m in a 1:1 classroom, I know I would like to have the option of going paperless.  The process for converting the files can be tricky and time-consuming, but in the end, it is a good idea to give teachers options of using paper or not.

As we enter 2017, I wish you and your loved ones a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Before you leave, tell me what your resolutions are for 2017.


As always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions!