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As one of the participants in the Teachers Pay Teachers Author Inauguration Day FREEBIE EVENT that was held on January 20, 2017, I and many TpT sellers have got together to create free teaching resources.  These free teaching resources help reinforce values that many of us feel are significantly important at this transition time in our history.

American Dream Posters Free Teaching Resource

FREE Teaching Resources

The TpT authors have created many inspiring free teaching resources built around the following themes:

  • Understanding our Branches of US Government and the US Constitution
  • Democracy
  • History of civil rights movements, including suffrage
  • Environmental issues including climate change
  • Critical thinking and examining media bias
  • Kindness, empathy, compassion
  • Anti-bullying
  • Equality and inclusion for all people
  • Understanding and respecting cultural differences

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I have created SIX posters about the American Dream.  I define the American Dream as following and living those ideals for which past generations have fought for and have given us as their legacy:


Take a look at the posters. This free teaching resource will be available in my TpT store as a FOREVER Freebie.

American Dream Posters Free Teaching Resource

Each poster has four representative people of that era who were influential in establishing those ideals.  Each person has an attributed quote that can be used as a class discussion starter or to analyze the meaning of the words in the quote.

Free teaching resource poster 1


free teaching resource poster 2

Many Uses for These Posters

Here are some ideas for using these posters with your students:

  1. have students represent each American value through an art project
  2. students can pick an individual and research this person’s life and report back
  3. or have students compare and contrast select quotes
  4. have students think of new quotes everyone would say about a current event or “hot topic”
  5. the students can rewrite a quote with synonyms or antonyms
  6. have the students trace the origin of the quote – why was it said?
  7. or have the students make a game using the quotes
  8. the students can find other quotes for each ideal or American value
  9. have the students translate the quotes into other languages
  10. the students can memorize the quotes

free teaching resource poster 3

free teaching resource poster 4

free teaching resource poster 5

The sixth poster is a cumulative poster showing all the ideals of the American Dream and the individuals. There is also a section that shows a brief summary of what they were fighting for and the outcome.  They can also be used as bookmarks!!

free teaching resource poster 6


To search for more FREEBIES for this event, just use

these hashtags to search on TpT:

#kindnessnation #weholdthesetruths

Let me know how you will use the posters!

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Download Free Teaching Resources #kindnessnation
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