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From Teachers Pay Teachers to Teaching Bites Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Fred and Sharon Jaravata from  The recorded interview is now available over on their website. You can listen to the PODCAST in many ways, including iTunes.  Learn how I became a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Teaching Bites Podcast Interview Episode 95 Teachers Pay Teachers

Check out the Podcast with the LInk Below!

I was given the opportunity to share my insights on 30 years of teaching in various grades and positions.  We also chatted about my four years of experience as a Teacher-Author on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click on the link below to listen to the entire podcast!

Listen to the Podcast Teaching Bites Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachingbites Podcast highlights!

We covered many areas of my Teachers Pay Teachers journey.  I started out on TpT with the help of a colleague who had already started on TpT.  The initial learning curve was steep.  If you compared the resources I first uploaded during those first 6 months to the current last 6 months, there is a world of difference in quality and content.

I’ve branched out into new areas such as digital resources using Google Slides.  I spent many hours creating resources that were first classroom-tested, then meticulously put together to provide the teacher with a ready to go Google Slides project for her class.

In my TpT journey, I’ve had to learn about copyright, trademark, marketing, blogging, social media, and networking.  There are no shortcuts to being a TpT seller. It’s hard work that is ever evolving and changing.

Update as I Start my 5th Year on Teachers Pay Teachers

Heading into the 5th year of my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I’m more motivated and excited as ever to continue to offer top quality resources to teachers. As I move into my new position as a District Math Coach, I want to share my successes with using Number Talks, Math Talk, and other math strategies.

Come back soon to see more updates!

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From Teachers Pay Teachers to Teaching Bites Podcast
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