Fun Times! Watch Out! Shark Sighting at my School!

A Great White Shark was spotted at my school recently!  We recently had an interactive science assembly at my school sponsored by our PTO.  The Aquarium of the Pacific, located in Long Beach, California, brought their mobile assembly to the delight of our students.

The assembly was done in two parts.  The first part was an assembly in our multipurpose room in which we met some marine biologists who recounted their scientific exploration trip around the Pacific Ocean. The presentation focused on animal adaptations, which was perfect for my third graders who had learned that back at the beginning of the year.  The biologists visited Alaska and Palau, before returning to California.  The students were shown videos of the animals encountered on the trips, including the walrus.

But wait, they brought a walrus with them! Not really, it was an inflatable walrus. But first, the students had to guess which animal it was from the clues the biologists gave.  The biologist gave adaptation clues until the students guessed it was the walrus.  Then, they inflated the walrus.  It is actually life size, and those animals are huge!

When the biologists returned to California, more studying of California’s ocean coastal animals, including the Great White Shark.  Did you know these animals have a sixth sense?  The inflatable Great White was also life size!

The second part of the experience was a 20-minute activity touching tide pool sea creatures brought on their mobile tide pool truck.  It is a specially designed vehicle that holds tide pool tanks, keeping them oxygenated with moving water that simulates a tide pool.

Students went in in groups of four to dip their hands in the water and touch starfish, anemones and even baby sharks!

You can find out more about their 

Aquarium on Wheels Program  HERE.


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