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5 Helpful Multiplication Videos for Your Students

Most teachers report that students struggle with multiplication fluency.  In fact, the problem is pervasive enough that even my son’s eighth-grade math teacher said the same thing at his Back To School Night presentation to the parents.  Usually, kids watch videos all the time, but mostly NOT related to multiplication!

Additionally, almost all students eventually learn the concept of multiplication.  Usually, they can use various strategies (arrays, skip counting, repeated addition, etc.) to find a product.  For students to move on to higher-level mathematics, multiplication fluency is a MUST.

Now, check out these five helpful YouTubes that help with multiplication fluency!

Multiplication videos for fact fluency

As I grew up in the 60s and 70s teachers didn’t expect to have me memorize the multiplication tables.  I still remember using the multiplication table in my Pee-Chee folder when I was not sure!  But one thing I do remember is Schoolhouse Rock and the multiplication songs.  Who cannot forget the haunting melody of figure eight!

Presenting five multiplication videos to help your students start practicing.  They can rock out to popular tunes, learn some tricks and tips and just have fun.

One caveat – I’m not for “tricks” but sometimes students learn in different ways from their peers or even their teachers. Sometimes, students need a mnemonic or song, or another method to remember. That’s ok, but it should NOT take the place of conceptual understanding of multiplication. So use the videos strategically.

#1 Mr. De Maio Videos Multiplication Videos

If you haven’t heard about Mr. De Maio, then you’re missing out on some very engaging videos!  He has produced them for all different subject areas, especially for elementary students.  He’s created a set of videos for each of the multiplication videos from two to nine.  They use today’s modern music to have your students singing along and learning those facts!  Here’s an example of one of his multiplication videos.

Be sure to subscribe to his channel!

#2 Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication Videos

If you were a kid growing up in the 70s watching Saturday morning cartoons, you got to watch these classic videos.  These cartoon vignettes taught us some important history (The Shot Heard ‘Round the World), some grammar (Conjunction Junction), and multiplication!

I’ve always used these videos with third graders anytime we have some extra time or as part of a lesson.  The tunes are catchy using all different types of music (classical, country, Do-Wop, Boogie-Woogie, etc.).  Here’s an example of one of the classics.

#3  Numberock Videos

Think of Numberock as an updated Schoolhouse Rock with rap-style videos.  You can find the Numberock videos on YouTube as well as on a dedicated site (   Numberock also has a store on Teachers Pay Teachers for math lessons for almost all grade levels.  The animation is top-notch and the songs are original and catchy.  Here’s an example of one of the multiplication videos (there are videos for all the multiplication tables). (Sorry, this content creator does not allow embedding – so please use the link).

#4 Multiplication Tip for 9

My own son uses this method ALL THE TIME when multiplying by 9 so I can vouch for its effectiveness.  Each year I teach it to the third graders.  I just put my hands under the document camera and demonstrate how to use this method. I don’t necessarily condone “tricks” but it’s interesting to discuss with students why this method works!

But a video is great to have because you can assign it for homework in Google Classroom!   PBS and Full-Time Kid produced this version.

#5  Multiplication Made Easy (or at least easier)

This is a short video demonstrating some great tips for multiplication.  Using a multiplication chart, the video breaks down multiplication to about 15 facts you must memorize.  The rest is learned from skip counting or using the Commutative Property of Multiplication.  It’s a great video to show parents as well.

Achieve Multiplication Fluency with Strategies

As I mentioned before, conceptual understanding is the key. But students can also learn some strategies that are tied to mathematical reasoning – such as doubling and halving or adding or subtracting a group. So that’s why I developed this resource. Check out this resource for Multiplication Fluency. It has everything you will need to teach strategies that lead to multiplication fluency.

multiplication fact fluency

Check out this series of posts on Multiplication Fact Fluency!

multiplication fluency

If you’re not sure about teaching these strategies, then consider signing up for my newsletter to receive the Guide to Achieving Mathematical Fluency. The 15-page guide will show you all the strategies to teach your students and it’s FREE by signing up for my newsletter.

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