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Interactive Digital Notebooks are media-rich, content-based, critical thinking, and engaging tools for student learning.  They can be used to teach and practice the Common Core State Standards.

Energize Your Classroom With an Interactive Digital Notebook

What exactly is an Interactive Digital Notebook? How is it similar to a regular Interactive Notebook? How is an Interactive Digital Notebook used in the classroom?  What are the advantages over the traditional interactive notebooks?…

Spotlight Focus on the History of Our Rights Part 2

I’m so excited to share this next part of how I taught these units which focused on the history of our rights.  The digital age is here in the form of DIGITAL INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS.  What…

3 Effective Ways to Teach Geometry Vocabulary

See how I teach the geometry vocabulary through hands-on manipulatives, kinesthetic moves and technology use. Do you remember sitting in your high school geometry class looking through your notes and textbook trying to remember which…

How I Taught Equivalent Fractions

Teaching equivalent fractions should use a variety of approaches, models and math tools. Back when I was in high school, I drove home for lunch one day. We had just moved to a new city,…

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