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Find resources for teachers, parents, and students for distance learning.

Teaching Multiplication Virtually? Try these helpful and easy ideas!

If you’re teaching multiplication virtually let me show you how with physical manipulatives, a document camera, and virtual manipulatives. Teaching the concept of multiplication has always been a highlight of the year while teaching third…

Ideas on How to Effectively Teach Place Value in a Virtual Setting

Find practical ideas for teaching place value virtually to your elementary students during distance learning. Then sign up for my newsletter to get a FREE Place Value Toolkit. Do you remember as a kid saving…

How to Increase Student Engagement for Effective Distance Learning

Increase your student engagement during distance learning with strategies and tools. Were you Zoom Bombed this past school year? Was your student engagement so low you felt you were teaching a ZOOMBIE class? Or did…

Distance Learning Best Practices for Engaging Parents

Get the parents involved during this next round of distance learning with these best practices! Did you feel lost, overwhelmed, and somewhat bewildered during school closures in the Spring? We all were. But from the…

How to be the Effective Online Math Teacher You Need to be!

Here’s a resource to become an effective online math teacher. Plus, discover how to get a bonus Google Slides Template for distance learning. I remember the day my class received its own Chromebook cart. 24…

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