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How to Combine Google Slides with an Exciting Research Project

Help your students use technology more effectively with a Google Slides research project. When I became a 1:1 tech-infused classroom, I had no idea how I would use all this new technology (a class set…

Integrating Technology with Research and Writing

As a teacher in a 1:1 classroom with Chromebooks, I’m always thinking of ways of integrating technology with research and writing throughout the day and throughout the curriculum.  One way I found to successfully integrate…

Energize Your Classroom With an Interactive Digital Notebook

What exactly is an Interactive Digital Notebook? How is it similar to a regular Interactive Notebook? How is an Interactive Digital Notebook used in the classroom?  What are the advantages over the traditional interactive notebooks?…

How to Effectively Use Google Slides in Elementary Grades

So you want to start using Google Slides™ in elementary grades?  But you don’t know where to get started?  You’re also not sure how to use them. Or are you students wasting time trying to…

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