California History? Surprise, You Don’t Know All of It!

California history is amazing!  Could Southern California have been split off to join the Confederacy during the early part of California’s history? Almost!  That’s just one surprising fact I learned on my recent road trip…

Comparing Fractions Using Google Slides and Virtual Manipulatives

Now that my students were familiar with comparing and ordering fractions, the next step was to have them comparing fractions using Google Slides.  It is one thing to be able to show how to compare…

Integrating Technology with Research and Writing

As a teacher in a 1:1 classroom with Chromebooks, I’m always thinking of ways of integrating technology with research and writing throughout the day and throughout the curriculum.  One way I found to successfully integrate…

Improve Vocabulary and Grammar with Google Sildes

Do you find teaching vocabulary and grammar as something you have to do rather than something you want to do?  There is a definite need to teach both grammar and vocabulary to elementary students, especially…

How I Present Back to School Night With Google Classroom

Your Back to School Night presentation sets the tone for the school year.  I’ve taken a new approach to it.  Since I am in a 1:1 classroom with Chrome Books, I wanted to use the…

Get Rocking with a Google Slides ‘How To’ Project

Are your students ready to start creating and learning with Google Slides®?  Are they an expert keyboarder and know all the ins and outs of Google Slides menus?   As a teacher, you forget just how much…

Spotlight Focus on the History of Our Rights

If there is one thing an 8 or 9 year old knows for sure is this:  what’s fair and what’s not fair.  That’s a great starting point to teach elementary kids about the history of…

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