Comparing Fractions with Manipulatives and Math Talk

In  Part 1 of How to Compare Fractions, I explained how I used fraction strips to have students explore fraction sizes.  Comparing fractions and their sizes visually helped my students establish a benchmark fraction of…

Wednesday Window Into My Class: Comparing Fractions

Let’s face it, fractions are hard.  And it is very hard for 8 year olds to conceptually see fraction sizes to compare them.  So what’s a teacher to do?  Bring out the manipulatives! I am…

Teacher Wisdom November Student Engagement

Welcome back to the November edition of Teacher Wisdom.  This time we focus on student engagement.  How do we keep our students interested and focused while also addressing learning standards and content?  I have some…

Geometry on Google SlidesĀ®

These Interactive Digital Notebooks for Google Slides are now available in my TpT Store!

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