How to get Students to Study the Multiplication Facts

If you’re a third grade teacher, you know that multiplication is that gateway math skill needed to do any higher level math taught in grades 4 and above.  Without knowing how to multiply, students would…

Math Tip Monday August Back to School Math Ideas

If it’s Monday, it must be a Math Tip! As a third grade teacher, I want to know the math levels of my students who are coming into a new school year.  I want to…

Think Like a Mathematician – Math is Everywhere!

Why do we have to learn math? A popular question among most students.  Most kids ask this question because they see math as irrelevant.  Something in a textbook that’s not connected to their lives.  We…

Getting Smart with the Distributive Property Ninja Style

Soon my students will be taking the Math portion of the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) in May.  So I thought we should revisit the Distributive Property of Multiplication (DPM) since it’s been awhile since we…

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