Teaching Multiplication Virtually? Try these helpful and easy ideas!

If you’re teaching multiplication virtually let me show you how with physical manipulatives, a document camera, and virtual manipulatives. Teaching the concept of multiplication has always been a highlight of the year while teaching third…

7 Helpful Posts for Teaching Multiplication

Teaching multiplication can take many forms.  Teachers are always finding new and engaging ways of teaching multiplication.  Whether it be using manipulatives, arrays, songs, tips or strategies, there is no one way of teaching multiplication.…

How to Conquer Multiplication Fluency Using These Powerful Strategies

If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on multiplication fluency, here’s a recap.  The multiplication fluency strategies fall into two types:  foundational strategies and derivative strategies. The foundational strategies include…

Helpful Multiplication Fluency Strategies to Boost Every Student

Teach these foundational multiplication fluency strategies so your students can have success with the multiplication facts! In the first part of this series, I wrote that we need to teach mental math strategies for multiplication.…

How to Teach the Multiplication Facts to Strengthen Fluency

Have you’ve encountered the student who doesn’t study the multiplication facts? What about the student who learns one multiplication table and then seemingly forgets most of the facts? Then there is the student who studies…

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