7 Helpful Posts for Teaching Multiplication

Teaching multiplication can take many forms.  Teachers are always finding new and engaging ways of teaching multiplication.  Whether it be using manipulatives, arrays, songs, tips or strategies, there is no one way of teaching multiplication.…

Here’s Not 1 Back to School Tip But 7!

Can you smell the dry erase markers yet?  Are you hearing phantom bells ringing?  Are you practicing getting up early again?  Yep, soon it will be that time of year again when teachers are preparing…

Valuable Tips After a Year in a 1:1 Classroom PART 2

Thanks for returning to read PART 2 in my 2 part series of valuable tips for the 1:1 classroom.  As I wrote in PART 1 of Valuable Tips for the 1:1 Classroom, I really didn’t…

Valuable Tips After a Year in a 1:1 Classroom

Since I received my own Chromebook Cart, I’m now looking back and reflecting on what I’ve learned about teaching in a 1:1 classroom.  There are so many aspects that no one ever tells you about,…

Stop! Insert Image? NO way! Use Google Draw!

You’re probably asking why should I use or even teach my students to use Google Draw?  How many times have you assigned some kind of research for your students to do and when you get…

Geometry on Google Slides®

These Interactive Digital Notebooks for Google Slides are now available in my TpT Store!

Click the link BELOW to see the Geometry Books!

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