The Best Women’s History Month Resources to Inspire Students

Children’s Books, student projects, teaching resources and teaching ideas to celebrate Women’s History Month! I heard this riddle back in the late 70s while in high school. Back then, no one ever solved it or…

Are You Uncomfortable Teaching Black History Month?

Celebrate Black History Month with some tips for teaching history, ideas for lessons and resources. Did you ever watch the original mini-series Roots as a kid? After the first night of watching Roots, the next…

Anti-Racism – Fight for Your Rights!

I’m honored to participate in the 22 Days of Anti-Racism Resources for Teachers started by Texas teacher Chrissy Beltran from El Paso, Texas.  This series of blog posts is in response to the murder of…

A Timely Google Maps About Dr. King’s Inspiring Life

Have you ever used Google Maps?  Probably many of you have when you’re trying to find directions to that new restaurant.  But did you know you could create your OWN map to use with your…

How to Teach Geography in a Fun Way

Does anyone teach Geography anymore?  Why can’t students look at a map and recognize the state they live in?  The country they live in?  The continent they live on?  Do they at least recognize the…

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