The Best Women’s History Month Resources that will Inspire Students

Children’s Books, student projects, teaching resources and teaching ideas to celebrate Women’s History Month! This year’s theme for celebrating Women’s History Month is “Valiant Women of the Vote.” So I’ve come up with a list of exciting…

Are You Uncomfortable Teaching Black History Month?

Did you ever watch the original mini-series Roots as a kid? After the first night of watching Roots, the next day at my high school it was all the students could talk about!  Our teachers…

Simple Ways to Compare Fractions with Manipulatives

Before I started teaching my third graders to compare fractions, I wanted to assess what they already knew about fractions.   True story.   I asked my students to write in their journal and complete this sentence:…

A Timely Google Maps About Dr. King’s Inspiring Life

Have you ever used Google Maps?  Probably many of you have when you’re trying to find directions to that new restaurant.  But did you know you could create your OWN map to use with your…

Unique Ways to Teach the Central Message of Folktales

For the past few years, I have always taught finding the central message (or moral or lesson) of a story as a separate standard.  But I tried something different and it is working very well…

Energize Your Classroom With an Interactive Digital Notebook

What exactly is an Interactive Digital Notebook? How is it similar to a regular Interactive Notebook? How is an Interactive Digital Notebook used in the classroom?  What are the advantages over the traditional interactive notebooks?…

How to Effectively Use Google Slides in Elementary Grades

So you want to start using Google Slides™ in elementary grades?  But you don’t know where to get started?  You’re also not sure how to use them. Or are you students wasting time trying to…

Think Like a Mathematician – Math is Everywhere!

Why do we have to learn math? A popular question among most students.  Most kids ask this question because they see math as irrelevant.  Something in a textbook that’s not connected to their lives.  We…

Anti-Racism – Fight for Your Rights!

I’m honored to participate in the 22 Days of Anti-Racism Resources for Teachers started by Texas teacher Chrissy Beltran from El Paso, Texas.  This series of blog posts is in response to the murder of…

Practical Back to School Tips to Energize your Year

Just like all the back to school sales, there are lots of teachers offering back to school tips.  But I’ve always felt that advice carries more weight from those with experience.  Those teachers that have…

Teaching Place Value? How NOT to do it the Wrong Way!

Find out how to teach place value developmentally and appropriate to the grade with lesson ideas and a FREE Place Value Game! If understanding place value means correctly interpreting the value of a digit based…

Interactive Digital Notebooks for Google Slides – Discover and learn more by clicking!

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Multiplication Resources – Discover and learn more by clicking!

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Distributive Property – Discover and learn more by clicking!

PowerPoint for the Distributive Property of Multiplication
Games for the Distributive Property
Center for the Distributive Property
Google Slides Distributive Property
Bundle for Distributive Property
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Click the link BELOW to see the Geometry Books!

Interactive Digital Notebooks for Google Slides®

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