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Teaching Multiplication Virtually? Try these helpful and easy ideas!

If you’re teaching multiplication virtually let me show you how with physical manipulatives, a document camera, and virtual manipulatives. Teaching the concept of multiplication has always been a highlight of the year while teaching third…

Ideas on How to Effectively Teach Place Value in a Virtual Setting

Find practical ideas for teaching place value virtually to your elementary students during distance learning. Then sign up for my newsletter to get a FREE Place Value Toolkit. Do you remember as a kid saving…

Teaching Place Value? How NOT to do it the Wrong Way!

Find out how to teach place value developmentally and appropriate to the grade with lesson ideas and a FREE Place Value Game! I can still see Mrs. Pink my high school math teacher (I was…

Word Problems! How to Help Students to Solve Them

Word problems are the bane of every teacher’s existence.  But word problems shouldn’t be! Why? Because life is a word problem.  We use math every day in our lives to solve problems.  Math is about…

No Tricks – Just How to Round on a Number Line

It wasn’t until a few years after the Common Core was adopted in California did I start teaching students how to round on a number line.  Before that, what did I use?   Rounding rhymes, tricks,…

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