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25 Amazing Chrome Extensions Every Teacher Should Use

Looking for Chrome extension?  If you’re new to using the Chrome web browser or a veteran user, here’s a round-up of 25 Chrome extensions that will help teachers save time and their sanity.  Rather than make a list, here are some informative videos to get you started with adding these amazing Chrome Extensions.

Not sure which one or how to add them? No problem!  These videos will walk you through the process.  Just open up Chrome and get started!

Chrome Extensions for the Teacher


Our first video is 20 minutes long.  The video will introduce you to a variety of powerful and useful extensions every teacher needs to have.  Those in this video are perfect if you’re just now making the switch to Chrome.

Learn about these in the video.

  • G Suite Training – great for learning everything Google
  • Google Tone – instantly share links with your class
  • – URL shortener (no longer available as it was retired by Google)
  • Bitly- another URL shortener with more options
  • Print Friendly  PDF – stop wasting paper and ink!
  • Extensity – turn extensions on and off as needed
  • Auto Text Expander – create shortcuts for oft-repeated text
  • Awesome Screenshot – more than just a screenshot, lots of options including annotation!


The next video is 5 minutes long.  The video will introduce you to some handy ones that will help you be more productive.

Learn about these in the video.

  • Save to Google Drive – You know you want to!
  • Eye Dropper – what color is that?
  • One Tab – get those opened tabs organized


The third video is 11 minutes long.  This video has some more awesome and time-saving Chrome Extensions.

Learn about these in the video.

  • Click Time – need a timer for your class? Get this one!
  • Google Dictionary – click on any word and an instant definition
  • Tab Resize – want side by side tabs open? This will resize and split your screen.
  • Pin it Button – save all those great ideas to Pinterest


Next up, can it get even more awesome? Yes, it can!  Here are five more incredible Chrome Extensions to add as explained in this 3-minute video.

Oops! Looks like we have a problem.

Unfortunately, this video is no longer available.
However, you can go to the Chrome Web Store and search each one by title.

  • Readability – Get rid of all the things you don’t want to read on a page.
  • Tab Cloud – Save all your open tabs as a session to open again later
  • Edpuzzle – Integrate right into Chrome!
  • World Data Finder – Need more statistics and charts? Then this for you.
  • Tab Scissors – Another tab resizer


This final round-up video will not disappoint.  Take a look at this 9-minute video and add these as well.

Learn about these in the video.

  • Grammarly – Check your grammar and spelling 
  • Tab Glue – Glue all those tabs back together
  • YouTube Adblock – Get rid of those sometimes inappropriate ads on YouTube
  • Kami – Open and Annotate PDFs 
  • Drive Quick Create – Shortcut to create a Google Docs, Slides or Sheets

If those aren’t enough, make sure you check out the Chrome Web Store accessible from Chrome (or just Google it).

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Share your favorite Chrome extensions below in the comments!

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25 Amazing Chrome Extensions Every Teacher Should Use
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