Comparing Fractions Using Google Slides and Virtual Manipulatives

Now that my students were familiar with comparing and ordering fractions, the next step was to have them comparing fractions using Google Slides.  It is one thing to be able to show how to compare…

A Class Research Project Using Digital Notebooks

Teachers know that even the best thought out plans and projects can run into unforeseen problems or situations.  That recently happened to me.  As my class is nearing the end of the science unit on…

Energize Your Classroom With an Interactive Digital Notebook Part 3

My previous posts in this series (Part 1 and Part 2) explained the reasons why I have made the switch to a Digital Notebook because they are colorful, paperless and media-rich.  I also gave examples…

Energize Your Classroom With Motivating Interactive Digital Notebooks Pt 2

Why make the switch to DIGITAL NOTEBOOKS?  I wrote earlier that some major advantages of DIGITAL notebooks are that they can be COLORFUL (color photographs, color illustrations, color diagrams, color anything!), PAPERLESS (it’s all in the…

Energize Your Classroom With an Interactive Digital Notebook

What exactly is an Interactive Digital Notebook? How is it similar to a regular Interactive Notebook? How is an Interactive Digital Notebook used in the classroom?  What are the advantages over the traditional interactive notebooks?…

Spotlight Focus on the History of Our Rights Part 2

I’m so excited to share this next part of how I taught these units which focused on the history of our rights.  The digital age is here in the form of DIGITAL INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS.  What…

3 Effective Ways to Teach Geometry Vocabulary

If you’ve ever taken geometry from elementary school to college, you know that there’s a lot of geometry vocabulary that must be learned.  Think about all the geometry vocabulary for the names of the shapes,…

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